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Special -1 oz. Applicator
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Special -1 oz. Applicator

Price: $0.70

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Solvent Applicators

Why a lower price?

Our moldmaker wasn't suppose to put our name under the plastic bottle.
And then on top of that he spelled our name wroung. Yeah - ha ha.
This dosn't affect the use at all, But because of that you get a slight discount
So this is only while stock last.

- Let us know what you think of this 1 oz size -
If we get good feedback we'll add it to our regular
inventory items, less the name under the bottle. 

1 Oz.

Material: Polyethylene

Leak-Proof: Virtually leak-proof with addition of internal washer. 205-Applicators
Needle: 25 gauge x 1-1/2” long needle for bonding areas that are hard to reach.

Bottle: Oval, squeeze applicator.

Size: 1 ounce bottle.



Part No. Product
1 oz. solvent applicator
 Bottles bottle applicators glue bottle glue bottles


Solvent Applicator - 12 Pack $1.35


Solvent Applicator - 50 Pack $1.10


Solvent Applicator - 100 pack $0.90


Solvent Applicator - 500 pack $0.80


Solvent Applicator - 1000 Pack $0.70


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Jonathan H.
31.07.17, 19:35
I was recommended this website for some hinges and I must say that they beat my expectations. I paid a cheap price for great quality plastic! Thank yo...
23.06.17, 14:54
Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, thankyou. Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. by Euripides.
23.05.17, 12:12
Regards for helping out.