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Part #24A. Adhesive-Mag-Button. Just Peel and Stick.

Adhesive-Mag-Button - 1000 Pack $0.37


Adhesive-Mag-Button - 12 Pack $0.74


Adhesive-Mag-Button - 50 Pack $0.65


Adhesive-Mag-Button - 500 Pack $0.40


Adhesive-Mag-Button - 100 Pack $0.49


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magnetbut1pc.jpgJust Peel and Stick to bond to a display or plastic singage, then the strong magnet attaches directly to any ferrous metal giving a strong hold, but can be easily and quickly removed.

Material: Neodymium N52 Magnet NI coated with clear 3M adhesive on one side.

3M Adhesive (Peel and Stick Bonding) to: Acrylic, Smooth ABS, Styrene, Polycarbonate, and Expanded PVC.

Size: 1/2" Dia. x 0.10" height (12.7 x 2.5 mm)



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Jonathan H.
31.07.17, 19:35
I was recommended this website for some hinges and I must say that they beat my expectations. I paid a cheap price for great quality plastic! Thank yo...
23.06.17, 14:54
Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, thankyou. Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. by Euripides.
23.05.17, 12:12
Regards for helping out.